Jun 4 2011

White Rabbits – Percussion Gun (Live @ KEXP)

I’ve kind of found a nice little vein here on YouTube – KEXP (which has a great podcast of their song of the day, but I seem to be finding even better songs on this YouTube Channel than in their podcast)….

YouTube Preview Image

Jan 27 2009

My Vote For Best Podcasts: Lostcast and Slate’s Political Gabfest

Lost is back on the air with season 5 and it’s as good as ever. Almost equally as entertaining is the podcast Lostcast, which I highly recommend for anyone that’s into the show. It provides outstanding analysis of the show, the details surrounding the events and characters, and solid theories on what’s happening.

Lostcast, and the best podcast of all, Slate’s Political Gabfest, are the two best examples of why podcasts have become a critical component of my media consumption.