Jun 4 2011

TuneIn Radio App Brings Me The River

TuneIn Radio is the best app I’ve seen yet for getting internet radio on your iPhone. It allows me to listen to the best radio station in the country: Seattle’s KEXP.


Dec 29 2008

Capturing Music or Audio From YouTube Clips

For anyone interested in capturing the audio from a Youtube clip, I would highly recommend using Audi Hijack Pro from Rogue Amoeba (for Macs only, however. I have no idea what an equivalent PC application would be). It is an excellent program that allows you to capture the audio from any application or any web site. All you have to do is ‘hijack’ the application that is the source of the audio you want to record, pick the file format, and then record the source track. Once you have it recorded onto your desktop as an AIFF file or an MP3 file, you can import it into iTunes or whatever other destination you want. It is an incredible application when you consider how much great live music is on Youtube.