Jan 28 2009

Nobody’s Fault But My Own (Live Acoustic) – Beck

Jan 28 2009

Hare Krisna – Thievery Corporation (Featuring Seu Jorge)

Jan 27 2009

My Vote For Best Podcasts: Lostcast and Slate’s Political Gabfest

Lost is back on the air with season 5 and it’s as good as ever. Almost equally as entertaining is the podcast Lostcast, which I highly recommend for anyone that’s into the show. It provides outstanding analysis of the show, the details surrounding the events and characters, and solid theories on what’s happening.

Lostcast, and the best podcast of all, Slate’s Political Gabfest, are the two best examples of why podcasts have become a critical component of my media consumption.

Jan 6 2009

How Was Your Day On The Mountain?

Thanks Andy for the heads-up…(original can be found here)


Jan 1 2009

Last Day Of Our Acquaintance – Sinead O’Connor

Jan 1 2009

Bells of St. Michael – Loituma

This is the first video I’ve ever uploaded onto Youtube. It’s a great instrumental song (more proof of how badly I miss WCAL here in Minneapolis), but I also did it to confirm how phenomenal a site Youtube is from the upload side in addition to the viewing side.

Jan 1 2009

Sentimental Walk Version 2 – Vladimir Cosma

From the movie Diva (a pretty good movie if I remember correctly, though I saw it about 20 years ago). Anyway, this is a beautiful song.


Jan 1 2009

Blue – The Verve

Pretty awful video, but the music is good…(I’d recommend buying the song, listening to it loudly on an iPod, and not viewing the video at all).

Jan 1 2009

Dream Machine – Mark Farina

A great snowboarding tune.

Jan 1 2009

Wavy Gravy – Sasha